Backpacks for Homeless Youth Project

 This project comes from Mindful Queer Collective in response to an epidemic of homelessness among Queer and Transgender youth here in Maine.  Though we hope for more long term, sustainable solutions to this issue, we know that people right now need basic resources just to survive. The items on this list are geared towards the needs of youth specifically and include supplies to help them survive in the short to mid-term, as well as supplies needed for them to stay in school.  These items do not need to be exact, a close approximation of something hard to find will do just fine. In general, most of these items can be found at the grocery store. Although we would prefer new items or items without any wear or damage. This list was created by homeless and formerly homeless youth and young adults and reflects their actual needs. We would like the backpacks to have all the items on the list, so if you or your organization will not be able to get everything on the list, perhaps you could help REM put together a backpack.  There is a box at the REM office (31 Temple St, Waterville) for collecting items.  REM would like to put together a backpack with a reasonably complete list of items so rather than donating several of a specific item, consider donating a variety of items on the list - even phoning the REM office (207-873-4444) to see which items are still needed and then signing up to get specific items needed.

Mindful Queer Collective
Backpacks For Homeless Youth

Here is the list of items needed:
( Items marked with an * please leave with the REM office or contact the REM office to arrange a pick-up, 207-873-4444)

Large backpack
Face cloth
Basic first aid kit
Toothbrush, toothpaste & floss
Plastic comb
Feminine pads
Travel shampoo/conditioner
Nail clippers
Hand sanitizer
Shaving razor
Small container of unscented lotion
Tiny lock for backpack zippers
Emergency blanket
Box of black pens
Box of #2 pencils
Small pencil sharpener
College ruled notebook
1” binder
Scientific calculator
Four pack AAA batteries
Small umbrella
10 gallon size Ziploc bags
5 sandwich size Ziploc bags
2 kitchen trash bags
Roll of duct tape
Waterproof wallet
Box of granola/energy bars (nut free)
5 hot cocoa packets
5 black tea bags
5 microwavable popcorn packets
Refillable water bottle (1-liter minimum)
1 bottle of water
Small bottle of sunscreen
$10 drug store gift card (chains, not local) *
$20 gift card for Dunkin, McDonalds, Subway, etc. (chains, not local) *
$20 Hannaford’s gift card *
$10 of quarters in a roll *
2 pairs of large wool socks
Hand and toe warmers
Winter gloves
Winter hat
Heavy sleeping bag
Light blanket

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