Children’s Discovery Mobile Museum

Mobile Museum

Reaching the community before we open

While the doors to our new space are not yet open, that hasn't stopped us from hosting programming in the Waterville area! Have you seen us around town?

Our Mobile Museum consists of a series of mini interactive exhibits that pop-up wherever and whenever. These exhibits inspire hands-on exploration and play and bring the children’s museum experience out into the community. Just like our brick and mortar museum, the Mobile Museum engages children with complex concepts and skills in a playful, interactive way. Our exhibits focus on the process of learning rather than solely on the topic at hand as a way to foster intuition, interest, and curiosity in science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

Some places we visited in 2019 include:

  • Alfond Youth Center
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Kennebec Valley
  • Children's Center
  • Educare
  • Quarry Road Trails
  • Snow Pond Center for the Arts
  • Travis Mills Foundation
  • Waterville Public Library
  • Winslow Public Library

Some of our favorite pieces include:

Lego Wall

This wall is a fun twist on building with the classic toy, allowing participants to build vertically! Legos are a powerful educational tool, helping children practice fine motor skills, presenting an opportunity for creativity, allowing for experimentation with symmetry, shapes and fractions, while also boosting self-esteem.

Acrylic Wall

This is by far the messiest piece in the collection, but it's also a favorite! Children let their creativity flow as they work together to create see-through masterpieces. The panel allows children to explore layering, tracing and stamping and the panel usually ends up brown because of all the color mixing!

Magnetic Gears

Our Magnetic Panel hosts the iconic wooden gears, which are a big hit amongst our youngest visitors especially. Children can move the gears around to experiment with the relationship between size, number of teeth and speed. The Magnetic Panel is also used for making magnetic ramps, animal matching, magnetic poetry and more!

Interested in bringing the Mobile Museum to you?

Meanwhile in our new space...

Currently, the museum is sharing the space with the Waterville UCC as well as Half Pints Preschool and Daycare Center. The Daycare will stay in the building as tenants of the museum while the Church will relocate to a new space in the 2020 year.

The exhibits are not yet installed so in the meantime, we are hosting Kim Nashed Yoga for a Yoga & Meditation Series in the Exhibit Hall. For more information about this series and others, visit

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