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Nugget: Recording Meeting Moments That Matter

May 13, 2021, 12:00 PM1:00 PM

Listen in to hear how Nugget is enhancing your remote meetings by bookmarking what’s most important and eliminating the distraction of note-taking, allowing for more efficient and engaging conversations.
Noon, Thursday, May 13  Click here for Zoom link
About Nugget: Nugget is a recently developed web application that assists individuals with transcribing meeting notes to capture the ‘golden nuggets’ within any conversation.
5 Questions with Kym Dakin-Neal
Founder, Nugget

1. How does Nugget interface with Zoom?

We realized early on that the modern workforce uses a variety of virtual meeting platforms. Nugget is built to run independently in a window separate from whatever platform you are using, making it accessible to everyone. That means Nugget is also compatible with Google Hangouts, FaceTime, Microsoft Teams, or even by putting your cellphone on speakerphone. Nugget allows customers the flexibility and reliability they need across all meeting platforms.

2. What differentiates Nugget from other transcription platforms?

Nugget lets customers bookmark what's important during the meeting so that they can share clips from the audio recording and transcript (called "Snippets") with clients or teammates as soon as the meeting is over. Customers can also write brief annotations in real-time, using this interface, to provide context and clarity throughout the transcription if they deem necessary. In utilizing these features, when you are looking back at the transcript you know exactly what is important and why. Nugget allows its customers to leave behind the time-consuming note-taking process that often takes us out of the present moment and risks us missing important "nuggets" of information.

3. What platforms will Nugget be able to interface with in the future?

Nugget runs independently of other platforms and is designed to be utilized no matter the meeting platform or upgrade. The virtual work environment isn't going away, even after the pandemic. Companies are seeing the benefits of running virtually from a cost perspective and many employees enjoy the freedom of working remotely. When some companies inevitably return to an in-person environment, there is still a need for Nugget because virtual meetings will never go away. Companies and businesses will still need a way to communicate with geographically diverse clients, customers, and even employees. Essentially, all Nugget needs to run productively is good audio. Therefore, it can be used in an array of work environments, both virtual and in-person, no matter the platform.

4. What benefits do individuals receive by using Nugget?

The primary benefit is time saved by not having to review recordings or full transcripts. By bookmarking the key "nuggets" of important information, productivity is elevated. In addition, the amount of quality focus and attention a customer can bring to online meetings is amplified as he/she no longer needs to take notes. However, we realize that everyone has different workflows. Therefore, the option to write annotations on the Nugget interface is still there, in case the customer wants to clarify or briefly expand upon something that was said during a meeting, but the point is, you won't miss anything. Nugget was built to allow an easier productivity flow during these meetings and is a flexible product because we know our customers have a range of needs.

5. In your network Tech Talk, you will be speaking about how Nugget was created. What are your plans for growth within the next few years?

We built Nugget to help our customers communicate more effectively during online meetings by helping to remove one of our biggest distractions, note-taking. Online meetings are here to stay, and our team will continue to focus on helping customers pay closer attention, ask better questions, and share better information by listening to their needs and wants. We are a customer-centric company and we want to make sure that our product remains valuable to them. Additionally, we will be ramping up our marketing efforts within the next few months to increase our customer base.


May 13, 2021
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM


Online Event
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