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june 2018

Have you ever thought, “Wow, I love Hardy Girls so much and wish I could hang out with them monthly?” You’re in luck!

FOR HIGH SCHOOLERS: We’re looking for members for our 2018-2019 Girls Advisory Board (GAB). This program is totally free and we can help with transportation. We’re looking for girls from around the state (with two regional GABs in 1. Lewiston/Portland and 2. Waterville/Bangor. Applications due by the end of June with interviews in July.


FOR ADULTS: We’re looking for members for our Board of Directors. We have members from Orono to South Portland and meet every other month rotating between Waterville and Portland. We need folks with experience in development and marketing, as well as perspectives on creating inclusive programming and communities.

We’re looking for girls and women who represent all of Maine. All races, religions, ethnicities, abilities, gender expressions, sexual orientations, immigration statuses are encouraged.

Hardy Girls in schools

Did you know we offer workshops around the state? We are already booking schools into the fall and we’d love to hear from you to get on our schedule. To learn more about our programming and hear from our participants, visit our website.


GAB Spotlight: Meet Alex

Alex is completing her second year on GAB and going into her senior year at Waterville High School. Find out more about this awesome activist.


Social Media Recap
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