Healthy Northern Kennebec coalition ZOOM meeting

Join Healthy Northern Kennebec (HNK) by Zoom on Wednesday, March 25, from 9:00 - 11:00 am.

We’ll learn more about Zoom, COVID-19, and how we are working together to get through these challenging times.


Link to join by video:

Number to join by phone:

646 558 8656  or  301 715 8592

Meeting ID:  207 729 5607


HERE is our agenda for Wednesday, March 25, 2020!

9:00 – 9:15 am  Get Acquainted with Zoom – Optional log in before the meeting starts for a little test drive. Our facilitator and Zoom expert Craig Freshley will be on line to help. If you need to, call Craig at 207-522-3787.

9:15 – 9:20 am Welcome - Fran Mullin, Director, Healthy Northern Kennebec

9:20 – 9:30 am  Introductions – facilitated by Craig Freshley, Good Group Decisions

9:30 – 9:35 am Review the last Healthy Northern Kennebec coalition meeting: February 26, 2020

Spotlight on: Addressing opioid use disorder and stigma in Central Maine

Leadership Tool: All Learn, All Teach, All Lead

9:35 – 9:55 am  Leadership Tool: How to Have a Great Zoom Meeting!

– Craig Freshley, of Good Group Decisions will give us some tips and tools that we can use in hosting our own meetings.

9:55 – 10:20 am                Spotlight on: Addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic in Central Maine, with Q&A

– LeeAnna Lavoie, Prevention and Healthy Living, MaineGeneral Medical Center

10:20 – 10:35 am             Asks & Offers:  Ask for or Offer assistance.   Let’s work together in partnership!

Members of the coalition share their most important efforts and upcoming actions.

10:35 – 10:40 am             Closing Reflection – Fran Mullin

10:40 – 11:00 am             Meeting Evaluation – Did we honor our process? Improve relationships? Get results?

The next Healthy Northern Kennebec Coalition meeting is April 22, 2020, on Zoom, from 9:15 – 10:45 am.

If you are able to join our HNK meeting on Wednesday, PLEASE let us know how we did with this experiment.

Just add your anonymous comments to this familiar form:


Useful for meeting:


ZOOM basics

HNK Group Agreements




Additionally, Craig is offering an open Zoom class on March 26.

A live webinar offered by Craig Freshley 

March 26, 2020, 1:00-2:00pm EST

This will be super hands-on and practical. Not just telling you stuff, but showing you stuff. We'll cover tech, but way more.

Click here to register.

Who this is for

Are you new to leading Zoom meetings? Are you interested in learning insider tips and tricks? Do you want to lead Zoom meetings with confidence?

If the answer is YES...this webinar is for you!

Witness a Zoom meeting with us

In this webinar we will show you a Zoom meeting in progress; what it looks like from the facilitator's perspective and from the participant's perspective. We will show you other roles too such as "producer" and "note-taker."

Yup, a live demonstration!

What we will cover

  • How to be totally prepared to lead your meeting, including confidence with the technical aspects.
  • How to help your people feel comfortable, especially those new to Zoom.
  • How to call on people. And get them to contribute.
  • How to do instant online breakout sessions and polls.
  • How everyone can contribute to a shared document.
  • How to make things fun and put people at ease.

What you will walk away with

  • A written guide that covers everything in the webinar.
  • A written overview of Zoom Meeting Basics that you can share with people you invite to your meetings.
  • A list of resources with links to learn more.
  • Practical tips and useful tools.
  • Confidence and know-how to run your own Zoom meeting.

Why with Craig

Craig Freshley recently won the American Civic Collaboration Award.
He has professionally facilitated over 3,000 meetings. He's written a book called The Wisdom of Group Decisions. He's published hundreds of how-to videos, tips, and handouts on all aspects of group meetings.

Craig is spontaneous, cheerful, genuine, and he knows what's he's doing.

How this works

Click here to register.

You will watch and listen to the live webinar from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. From wherever you want. You will be able to ask questions in writing and we will address the most popular and interesting ones.

After the webinar we will send follow up materials including a recording of the webinar. We will also sign you up to receive Craig's weekly Good Group Tips.

The cost

Pay what you want.

Craig is a professional facilitator and trainer and typically charges high-end market rates for his services. Yet right now, we don't want to exclude anyone from learning Zoom skills to help groups make good decisions.As guidance for how much to pay, The Maine Association of Non Profits just offered an online 1.25-hour Zoom Training to non-members for $50.

In April, Judy Rees and Lisette Sutherland are offering an online 8-hour Remote Meetings Master Class for $525.

For this, maybe $20-$80? If you want to support us big and you have the ability, that would be great. Medium or small support is also okay. $0 is also perfectly acceptable.

Click here to register.



Craig Freshley


98 Maine Street, Brunswick, Maine, 04011, USA

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