Kennebec Club


Mission :

The Kennebec Club helps anyone who wants help with a substance abuse problem.


  • To provide a safe environment
  • To provide contact information for local self-help groups
  • To help create a healthier community


  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Willingness

The Kennebec Club is an all volunteer REM Community Initiative.

93 Main Street, Suite 8 on lower level

Waterville, ME 04901

Phone:  207-616-0347


Eight members of what is now The Kennebec Club came to “dream catch” with Faye Nicholson to outline their dream of a place where people suffering addiction could come to work toward recovery in an atmosphere which fostered their success.

Less than a year later a group of recovering addicts had totally transformed a space in The Center from an extremely unsightly storage area full to the brim with junk into a pleasant and welcoming space complete with a new bathroom, meeting areas and living room style gathering places.

REM will assist with rent payments until The Kennebec Club becomes self-sufficient.  REM will provide spaces for fund-raising activities, help with the creation and printing of promotional materials, and provide the services of all REM’s support teams whenever they are needed.


Click here to find out why this is so important!

Don’t let the brevity of this page mislead you.  The work being done here is amazing…and vital to the health of our community!

Faye Nicholson and Jackie Dalton

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Clicking this button means you'd like to explore the possibilities for joining this team.

Clicking this button means you’d like to explore the possibilities for joining this team.

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