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The Memory and Language Lab at Colby College, under the supervision of Jen Coane, PhD, is conducting research investigating learning and memory across the lifespan. We are currently recruiting participants 60 years of age and older to take part in research studies. All sessions are individually administered and all results are completely confidential.

We are offering sessions in our new location at Colby College in the Davis Science Center. We will compensate you for your time at $10/hour.

All studies involve simple tasks on a computer (provided; no experience necessary) or pencil and paper. All tasks are simple and you will be given full explanations of the task and what we are interested in and given the chance to ask questions.

Please note none of the testing is diagnostic and your performance will not be discussed with anyone. We are interested in group-level performance, not in that of a single individual. We are happy to talk with you about memory in general and can provide additional information as needed.

Feedback from a prior participant:

My husband & I participated in your program & I realized we never got a chance to say how impressed we were with the students conducting the studies. They were friendly, polite and professional. They explained clearly what was going on each step of the way, gave lots of “pats on the back,” listened to suggestions from me & were generally wonderful!

For more information or if you would like to schedule a session, please contact Jen at 859-5556 (office) or Cher (859-5580) or email memorylanguage@gmail.com

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