It is the peak of summer and things are blooming and thriving on our campus. Although it’s a slower, quieter time for the summer, the children are always energetic and joyful in their play and are thriving with many improvements to the playgrounds from last year.
    I am asked many times each month about the name of our organization. How does it still fit after the residential home we supported closed so many years ago? I usually respond by telling how all the supports and services we provide help children to live in safer, happier, healthier and more loving homes. Not with bricks and mortar, but with education, counseling, parenting guidance and joy for the future, to build an internal foundation for a life time. 
    Earlier in the year I had talked about one of my mentors, Mister Rogers. Mister Fred Rogers in his humble, quiet and gentle way gave us a kind neighbor and a model for how we could be safe in the world. I had the great joy the other day to see Won't You Be My Neighbor?, a wonderful documentary about Mister Roger’s life’s work with PBS and in educational programming. Please give yourself a gift of going to see this. There are many encouragements and reminders about what we can and should be doing to make life better for children. Thank you for your support, partnership and being part of our "neighborhood."
In sincere gratitude,