Maine International Film Festival

Apr 9, 2020

Everyone at the Maine Film Center hates not being to be able to be there to do what we love doing: bringing you great films to help the soul transcend the everyday with the warm embrace of great art and great cinematic storytelling. But while we wait for this dreadful sci-fi movie to finally wind down, we film programmers for the Maine International Film Festival (currently still scheduled for July 10-19) have been frying our eyeballs with films we’re considering as festival selections.

Honestly and without exaggeration, we see films numbering likely in the thousands rather than mere dozens or hundreds as we try to sift each year’s possibilities. And you know what? There are a lot of movies being made, we’re here to tell you!

There are a number of really TERRIFIC movies being made—and they’re usually not the ones that get the most publicity and play in the largest number of theaters. They’re films that speak in different ways, that speak to new possible worlds, that speak to the heart, the soul and the head, films that yes, entertain, but also do much more, because the art of cinema remains the most all-encompassing and powerful art ever invented. When I see a movie that reminds me of that, as I’m looking for new films, I get a thrill down my spine at the thought of sharing that film with you at the festival and cinema.

Sometimes that thrill comes when I visit or revisit a great film from the past that seems more immediate and wonderful than ever—and those are the films that we offer you in the “Re-Discovery” section of MIFF, usually presented in magnificent new digital restorations or beautiful 35mm prints, and sometimes they’re brand new films. I’m happy to report MANY such discoveries this year so far, and counting!

Sometimes the films hail from the other side of the world, from South America, Asia, Europe, Africa…even the Antarctic! But sometimes they’re from Maine, as in last year’s opening night presentation, Blow the Man Down, which has gone on from its MIFF premiere to recent great notice and applause. This year, we have a fantastic group of Maine-grown premiering features and shorts to share with you—perhaps as many as we’ve ever had, including some real knock-outs!

So…despite it all…much to look forward to!

May you all be and stay well ‘til the projectors start running, the lights go down, and we experience real cinema together again!

Ken Eisen
Director of Programming
Maine Film Center

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