4/11/2022 COVID Update: The State of Maine no longer requires masking or proof of vaccination to attend any public events, but individual venues are free to do so. For the latest information, visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention or the State of Maine’s COVID site.

Philip Roth and the Americanization of the Holocaust: From Anne Frank to Primo Levi

Room 215, Lovejoy Building, Colby College Mayflower Hill Drive, Waterville, ME

Now more than 70 years in the past, the Holocaust is the defining event in Jewish-American life. The survivors are dying, taking with them their memories and lived experiences of genocide. The personal testimony of these witnesses, which has been authoritative for American Jews’ understanding of the Holocaust, is running out. Artists, writers, and filmmakers have […]


Seeing and Believing

Colby College Museum of Art 5600 Mayflower Hill Drive, Waterville, ME

Through the ages the invention of new optical devices has shaped human perceptions of reality and redefined the physical as well as metaphysical boundaries of the world in which we live. Ori Gersht will contextualize his own practice in relation to technology, history, and art history, weaving between the personal and the general. He will […]

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