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The mission of The Belfast Stagehouse is to establish and operate a performance and events facility offering performing arts, cultural events, informational and educational programs in coordination with and for the benefit of Belfast, Maine and surrounding areas. 


The Belfast Stagehouse, a Maine nonprofit organization, looks forward to providing a performance and presentation venue for artistic, educational, business, entertainment or social events. This venue will provide opportunities for employment and volunteer positions, artistic and technical training and a properly equipped stage for student, amateur and professional musicians, actors, dancers, creative artists and technicians. Scheduling of meetings and conferences for educational, social or business purposes will be available. Through its program and facility operations, The Belfast Stagehouse will strive to attain the following goals:

1. Year-round arts and cultural presentations and training in theater arts, performance, and technical theater, including interactive and hands-on experiences. Additional opportunities will be provided for students and audiences of all ages to explore and be exposed to a wide range of life-affirming artistic, cultural and educational programming.

2. Access to a dedicated and properly equipped performance space for local and travelling performers, educators, business leaders and cultural organizations.

3. Expansion of artistic, cultural and educational opportunities for youth, adults and seniors in a comprehensive and inclusive programming plan, providing fair and thoughtful scheduling of events, integrating educational programming and training opportunities for youth, including at-risk students, home-schooled and culturally underserved students. Serving a highly-active and growing senior population with regard to daytime activities and accessibility, will be a priority.

4. Walking accessibility to the downtown business, arts, restaurant, retail, parks and waterfront districts, and other cultural activities is vital, providing economic and collaborative opportunities throughout the entire community.



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