Transportation Issue

The REM Partners have identified transportation as a major issue for many people in the central Maine area so we are looking into what we can do as a community to help.


Article in Kennebec Journal 3/19/17:

Augusta forum ponders how seniors will get around when they can no longer drive

Email from Len LeGrand following luncheon:

Len LeGrand

Mar 17 (3 days ago)
to me

Hey Faye,

Good meeting.  Thank you.

On transportation issues I suggest the following folks who could be invited to the forum:

Our resident expert is Jim Wood, KVCAP Transportation Director.  I would not do anything without Jim’s sage advice.

Mike Roy, City Manager:  Ask Mike Roy for the name of the Colby person working on transportation

Ann Beverage, City Planner

Tracy O’Clair, Interim Director of Waterville Maine St.

It would also be good to invite someone from a community that has solved a transportation problem

If you want to address transportation into Waterville, as Rick Dorian spoke of, then you should have a Town Representative from those towns that you want to connect to Waterville.

One more suggestion…

Before hosting a forum it would be advantageous to  form a small workgroup to identify the primary problems and an array of possible solutions.

Thank you, again, for hosting the luncheon meeting.



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