FREE Crafting Supplies

REM has a LOT of tubs of crafting supplies in the basement that we want to share with crafters who could use them (FREE or feel free to make a DONATION).

If you see things in the pictures below that interest you, contact REM to arrange a time to come to the REM office and mention which tubs we should bring up from the basement for you to check out.  REM Staff would prefer appointments for Mon, Tues, Thurs or Fri, from 9-2, but arrangements for other days or times can be made if this does not fit your schedule.

REM is located at 31 Temple St, in downtown Waterville

Phone: 207-873-4444 (leave message if no one answers)

Email for this crafting supplies distribution:

Tub 2: Sea Shells, Plastic Colored Shapes (Hearts, Stars, Moons, etc), Sequins, Confetti, Plastic/Wood Sticks for arranging and gluing


Tub 3: Beads, Pearl Garland & Necklaces, Boarder Paper, Crepe Paper, Plastic Tablecloths Garland


Tub 6: Ribbon


Tub 7: Raffia


Tub 8: Styrofoam Wreath Forms


Tub 9: White Felt


Tub 11: Green Felt


Tub 13: Sticky Letters and Numbers, Foam Rectangles and Frames, Construction Paper


Tub 14: Miscellaneous Felt


Tub 15: Fruit Decorations


Tub 17: Sewing Aids, Needles, Pins, Fasteners, Hooks, Eyes, Sewing Tape, Buttons, Elastic, Embroidery Fabric, Crochet Hooks, Small Plastic Sewing Clothespins, Sewing Magnets


Tub 20: Mesh Material (Green, Orange)


Tub 21: : Mesh Material (Green, Orange, White)


Tub 24: Material (Various Colors, Sizes, Patterns)


Tub 25: Fabric (Various Fabric Types, Colors, Sizes, Patterns)


Tub 26: Fabric (Various Fabric Types, Colors, Sizes, Patterns)


Tub 28: Green Fabric (Various Fabric Types, Sizes, Patterns)


Tub 30: White Cotton Stuffing/Snow


Tub 31: White Fabric, Gold Fabric


Tub 32: Elastic Bias Tape, Piping, Hem Facing, Trimming


Tub 33: Red Fabric, Pink Fabric


Tub 34: Miscellaneous Fabric


Tub 35: Red Bows, Green Bows


Tub 36: Elastic Tape, Draw String


Tub 37: White Plastic Bell Decorations


Tub 38: Yarn (Various Colors)


Tub 39: Corks


Tub 47: Crafts Patterns


Tub 50: Crafts Patterns


Tub 52: Crafts Patterns


Tub 53: Thread on Large Bobbins (Various Colors)


Tub 54; Purple Toile, White Toile, Lint Brushes


Tub 55: Christmas Ornaments, Snow Spray, Ornament Hooks


Tub 58: Fabric ornaments, Plastic Flowers on Sticks, Fabric Shapes on Sticks


Tub 59: Plaster of Paris


Tub 60: Crepe Paper, Ribbon, Plastic Blue Star Garland, Purple Bead Garland, Large Green Bow, Hair Bands, Small White Plastic Basket, 3 REM colored Vases



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