Using REMnet to connect with teams

REM is an all volunteer network made up of people just like you. People who care about this community and want to see it thrive.


Harriet Tubman Dream QuoteREM is fueled by is every great accomplishment in the history of man. Dreams come from the heart and soul and carry great power to sustain targeted community initiatives. The power of REM is the power of dreamers joining hands, combining their resources, wisdom and life experience, to pursue a commonly held vision.


As you explore this site you will notice that over the years REMers have developed a "lingo" all of their own. If you want to go someplace you've never been, you need to take a path you've never taken. REMers do a lot of that. You'll notice that they refer to all groups as "teams." They are serious about emphasizing that REM is all about teamwork...people joining hands, working together, helping each other participate, and taking responsibilities for the plan they have set to reach their vision.
Each team has a web page on this site. There are more than 80 of them...and all would welcome your participation. Without you, they will be less. REM values highly the ideas, wisdom, resources and experience of every person.


Usually, what you see is what you get. Not on this site. What you will see before you connect to REM and what you see after is quite different. What you can see now is merely informational. What you can see when you connect puts you on REMnet...a communication network...a behind the scenes world which connects you to your teams, your participation profile, your tools and the REM volunteers.

To determine if you'd like to connect, start here...

There are three main ways to explore our site.

  • The header at the top is a good place to begin.

    • About REM tells you about the history, structure, "lingo" and people of REM.

    • Community Initiatives  are the focus of all of REM. They are organized under the eight priorities established by the community at the Community Catalyst in 1995. People bring their dreams to REM which convenes people around that dream and establishes a Community Initiative team. Each team receives support under the REM umbrella

    • REM Support Teams - The REM Umbrella is REM's symbol for the teams built by REM solely to support the work of the Community Initiative teams. REM has been building this structure since 1995 after watching the initial initiatives established in 1995 struggle and disappear. These teams specialize in the skills every teams needs, giving the initiatives the power to focus on the unique tasks defined by their missions and optimize the effectiveness of limited volunteer time.

    • Join REM - You are invited to connect to our community by joining REM...a simple registration process.

How to connect to REM and join a team...

As you explore you may find a team to which you'd like to connect to explore further. To do that, you will first have to register so you can connect to REMnet itself. The registration button is found on our burgundy colored main menu where it says "Join REM".

Please note:  The talent survey is both tedious (for some) and very important!

Here's a note from our "Dream Catcher" about the talent survey.
Faye's faceOne day in a meeting with a long-time employee at the “Morning Sentinel” she remarked to me: “Faye, do you realize how much of a resource REM is to this community?” I have been thinking about that ever since. What will we have when we have hundreds…or even thousands of people working on the quality of life issues that will help us create a community where people thrive? We will have engaged our community in meeting its own issues, not waiting for a government or some “candyman” to come and build what they want. We will build what we want. I urge you to choose carefully how you participate. Don’t join so many teams that you burn yourself out.

Take the time to fill out the Talents Survey. Everyone’s careful participation in creating this list will build a powerful resource for whatever projects we undertake. Teams sometimes need, for a short term, some of the skills listed in that survey. Letting volunteers know what skills you would be willing to share gives them a tremendous resource to call upon when a team’s project gets stuck because they don’t know who in the community could or would be willing to do some specialized task. Please be patient with the long list and help us develop a very, very long list of community assets.”

I’ve registered and filled out the Talents Survey…how do I join a team?

(Please note: Our system uses the word "group" instead of "team". There is nothing we can do to change that. Maybe someday...)

On the page of the team you are interested in, there will eventually be a link for showing your interest in that team.  For now, just send us an email.

I've registered and joined a team. Now what?

When you register or join a team, REM’s office is notified. Someone will contact you and contact your team leaders to let them know you are interested in exploring their team. If you would like to “Dream Catch” with Faye she will contact you and arrange for a meeting time that works for both of you. The Team Builders Team and Welcoming and Orientation Teams offer different ways for you to know more about REM. They include this web site with text and video information, hard copy information, and orientation workshops.  You choose.

You are now on REMnet...a communication network...a behind the scenes world which connects you to your teams, your participation profile, your tools and the REM volunteers. When there is a communication about a meeting or event involving your teams, you will receive an email on this site. Keep an eye out!

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