Sustain Mid Maine Coalition

Sustain Mid Maine CoalitionNew Maine Vision, Old Maine Values

 Sustain Mid Maine is a grassroots initiative created to conserve our resources, sustain a healthy environment, and promote economic prosperity for the Mid-Maine region.


Promote energy conservation and alternative energy use for area residents, businesses, and municipal operations, thereby reducing energy costs for taxpayers while also cutting harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

 The Objectives of the Coalition are to:
• reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in municipal facilities as well as area homes and businesses;
• recommend appropriate alternative energy technologies to elected  officials and staff for implementation;
• make education and resources available to the public to assist the community in reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions;
• grow and support local foods;
• promote solid waste/recycling/composting practices;
• increase public transportation as well as awareness of its availability;
• develop alternative transportation systems for both passengers and freight;
• provide activities to educate the public about the importance of sustainability;
• explore and engage opportunities for regional solutions and cooperation;
• implement these objectives so as to provide sustainable employment opportunities.

The group includes teams focused on issues including:
• Energy
• Transportation
• Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
• Education
• Local Foods
• Public Policy
• Permaculture

Sustain Mid Maine Coalition has contracted with Vaughan Woodruff from Insource Renewables in Pittsfield to administer our Solarize Mid Maine program.  This solarization project will reduce costs for homeowners who decide to install solar panels.   After a consultation, if home owners decide to go forward with solar, participating in the program will lower the expense.   The total cost includes licensing and permitting, equipment and installation, and connection to Central Maine Power.  Installations before the end of 2016 will qualify for a thirty percent Federal Income Tax Credit and the potential bulk cost discount of 8-10%.

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