Transportation Issue

The REM Partners have identified transportation as a major issue for many people in the central Maine area so we are looking into what we can do as a community to help.

Article in Kennebec Journal 3/19/17:

Augusta forum ponders how seniors will get around when they can no longer drive
After a March, 2017 meeting of REM Partners, the following suggestions were made concerning the transportation issue:

The following folks who could be invited to a forum on the transportation issue:

KVCAP Transportation Director.

City Manager of Waterville

Waterville City Planner

Director of Waterville Maine St.

It would also be good to invite someone from a community that has solved a transportation problem

If you want to address transportation into Waterville, then you should have a Town Representative from those towns that you want to connect to Waterville.

Before hosting a forum, it would be advantageous to form a small workgroup to identify the primary problems and an array of possible solutions.

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