It Takes a Village

Sometimes it really does take a village.

When homelessness, addiction, mental health issues and unsecure housing threaten our families, friends, and neighbors we are not whole as individuals or as a community.

That’s where we are.  Not just us, but much of the world.

Our plan is to mobilize our regional community to join hands, share ideas, find out what’s working in other places in the world and try a few of our own.

REM is asking organizations, businesses, and every individual who cares about our community to join one of the Coalitions working to alleviate homelessness, food insecurity, mental health challenges, and addiction.

Each of us is a piece of the puzzle to create a community where people thrive.  Without you, we will be less.

“All the World’s a Stage.”

If we use that analogy to describe our “It Takes a Village” initiative something very interesting comes to mind.

Watching the credits at the end of a movie it is amazing how many more people were involved “behind the scenes” than in them.

“It Takes a Village” will be like that.  As our challenges have grown, especially during COVID, the people on the front lines working face-to-face with those struggling have suffered as well.  The more working behind the scenes to support their work, the more they are able to do.

That’s where The Village comes in.  If you drive someone to a Dr’s appointment, help someone learn to read so they can fill out an application for a job, make sandwiches in the soup kitchen, sweep up the warming center when the guests are gone...these are all allowing the people on the front lines to stay on the front lines.

Join an “It Takes a Village” team and find out how you can help.

To Join:

  • Call 873-4444 and ask for Faye
  • Email
  • Fill out the sign-up form at the following link:   It Takes a Village Form







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