Membership Development Team

Recruits and cares for new members and designs and manages membership process.



Membership Team Description

Goal:  Build REM’s capacity to help create a community where people thrive.

Objective:  Define your team

  1.  Job Description:  The membership team recruits new members for REM and keeps records of their contact information, volunteer involvement (RRR - REM Resource Record) and works with the Welcoming and Orientation team to insure that the new members have the information they need to fully participate in REM.
  2.  Team vision:  The membership team works to build a network of volunteers connected via REM’s web site and working on quality of life issues to create a community where people thrive.
  3.  Team mission:  To build and manage REM membership.

Objective:  Build your team (Brainstorm how you will find new members, types of people needed for the team, how team will operate.)

  1.  We will find new members of our team by making sure that the RRR is filled out by every new member who signs up to actively volunteer.
  2.  Those who sign up on the RRR will be our new members.
  3.  We will hold monthly meetings to plan and manage our operations.

Develop Objectives specific to your team and the steps to reach each objective using the Project Management spreadsheet for your team at
Call REM at 873-4444 if you are interested in helping build membership at REM.

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