Vintage Tea

Rarely do we Mainers get an opportunity to return to the days of yesteryear by dressing up in vintage clothing and accessories and stepping out to enjoy a vintage tea complete with lace and linens, fancy sandwiches and desserts…and high tea. REM’s “Vintage Tea” held in REM Forum at The Center in downtown Waterville is a perfect place to connect to this wonderful annual experience which each year features different aspects of the vintage era. Pamper yourself with a relaxing afternoon of tea and homemade sweets and savories. The vintage era will be recreated through the experience of high tea, vintage china and attire.

Period dress is not required, but those who like to play “dress up” are invited to do so to help us create the atmosphere of the early 1900’s. Anything goes…it’s more about the fun of dressing up than of being “correct.” Hats with plumes, lace and bows, gloves, muffs, long skirts, high collars, sashes, bustles, hoops…it all works.

REM’s Vintage Tea provides an excellent opportunity for mothers, daughters and grandmothers as well as fathers, sons and grandfathers to join together to experience a different place in time. What a perfect introduction for conversations about what life was like in “grandmother’s time.”

If you would like to join the group planning the next Vintage Tea, call REM at 873-4444.

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