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The REM Partners are a coalition of over sixty area nonprofit organizations that work together to identify community problems and develop programs to address them. Membership is open to any nonprofit entity (including schools, hospitals, churches, governmental agencies, and nongovernmental organizations) that is active in the Waterville area.

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The REM Partners first convened in the summer of 2001, when Faye Nicholson, REM's co-executive director and dreamcatcher-in-chief, started thinking how wonderful it would be if local nonprofit organizations could all work together for the common good. At one of their earliest meetings, the Partners prepared the following vision statement:

We are a diverse group of area nonprofit organizations working to coordinate, and communicate our missions and our services to this community, including ways to access them. We hold the belief that communication and cooperation enhance the common good of all. We encourage volunteerism and honor and celebrate volunteers throughout our community, fostering the growth of a shared, commonly held network of volunteers.

Always open to new membership, we pledge our organizations to the support of our Partners and share openly ways we can be of help to each other. From this strong base, we identify community problems and develop programs together to address them, utilizing our shared awareness of our community resources.

Benefits of Partnership

From colleges and hospitals with hundreds of employees and substantial real estate holdings to small community groups with no offices or paid staff, all Partners enjoy the same privileges. The benefits of becoming a REM Partner include, but are not limited to:

  • Poster Distribution: REM's Poster Team helps the Partners promote their events by distributing posters within a 20-mile radius of Waterville, reaching people not previously reached.
  • Rentals:  REM provides spaces to rent for community events in Waterville. REM Partners may hold their own board meetings in the REM Board Room for free.
  • REM Partners Directory: Each year, REM prepares a directory of the Partners that contains a description of and contact information for each organization and their REM Award honorees. This directory is released at the REM Community Awards Ceremony and is distributed throughout the year.
  • REM Community Awards: Each Partner may select one or more of its volunteers to honor at REM's Annual Community Awards Ceremony, which is held at the Waterville Opera House. Each Partner participating in the ceremony receives an award to present to the honoree and REM has a banner with the organization's name and logo displayed at the ceremony.
  • REMnet Email Blast: REM Partners and antone in the community can send information to or about what is going on at their organization and REM will add it to the Community Calendar.  Once a week, an email blast is sent out with only the news of REM Partners and their upcoming events.  The idea is to make available in one place and in one email per week that great variety of news.  The Partners agreed that all would receive the REMnet Blast, pay attention to what our Partners are doing, and do what we can to pass that information along.
  • REM Partner Annual Networking Luncheon:  Once a year…usually in the spring, all REM Partners gather to network, find out what is going on at all the organizations, and collaborate on issues we identify to be "falling between the cracks."  If they choose, they form a team to explore the possibilities of bringing positive change to the issue.  This is the only thing REM asks of Partners.  The fees are described below.  People attending the luncheon share "What's Hot at Your House"…reports of an event or service important to that organization and the community.

Levels of Participation

There are two levels of Partnership: an organization can become a collaborating member for $75 or an affiliated member for $125. Organizations that can give more are encouraged to do so. Members at both levels have the same privileges, but affiliated members are not obligated to send representatives to the semi-annual meetings of the REM Partners or to participate in joint events.

If you represent a nonprofit organization that would like to become a REM Partner, please contact Faye Nicholson at or 873-4444. You are welcome to join us!

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