Mid-Maine Global Forum

Global Forum


The Mid-Maine Global Forum is a local organization which contributes to our understanding of global issues by sponsoring speakers and films on issues facing the international community.

The Forum has been offering these programs for twenty years, held at various places, and through the Oak-Grove Foundation programs in area high schools as well. All speakers are experts in a specific area with experiences in other parts of the globe. Recent programs have been on economic globalization, conflicts in the Middle East, the changes in China and Vietnam, global climate change, human rights abuses, cyber warfare, China and its environment, the Sudan, Waterville’s Kotlas Connection, building democracies around the world, the Guatemala City dump, and many other topics.

The Board members all come from this area and share a passion for learning more about our complex world. The Forum also sponsors a film at the Maine International Film Festival, partners with the Waterville Rotary Club and the Margaret Chase Smith Library in Skowhegan, the Oak Foundation at Colby College, the Waterville Public Library, and the REM Center, and offers films at Railroad Square Cinema.

Members pay small annual dues which support the programs. Look at the web site www.midmaineglobalforum.org. You do not have to be a member to attend any of the programs.


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