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The Belfast Stagehouse

The Belfast Stagehouse is an initiative of REM with a variety of dedicated citizens vigilantly exploring opportunities to develop a performing arts venue in downtown Belfast, Maine.  Page for Belfast Stagehouse

REM Promote Arts and Entertainment Forum…our first step.

The REM Promote Arts and Entertainment Team will first convene the second Promote Arts and Entertainment Forum. The goal is to build the eight arts teams, (crafts, dance, film and media arts, fine arts, healing arts, literary arts, music, and theatre) help them articulate both the community needs and the dreams for their discipline, and then develop plans for meeting those needs and dreams. The next phase will be to meld the energy of all eight into a collaborative event that brings the myriad of skills together creating an art tapestry which demonstrates the power of collaboration and creative synergy

If you would be interested in helping convene an arts forum, attending an arts forum or being part of the birthing of a Theatre Arts Team’s visions, projects and events you are invited to click on the button below. Someone will contact you to talk about how you’d like to participate.

Clicking this button means you'd like to explore the possibilities for helping create a theatre arts team.

Clicking this button means you’d like to explore the possibilities for helping create a Theatre Arts Team.

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