Operational Division

Party People Party people2The Party People =

REMers who support Community Initiatives by working on an Operational Division Team.

  • These support teams do those things most teams do to prepare for a party or move a project along.  These jobs fit in two categories:

    • Convening - Preparing spaces for people to gather which often includes cleaning, setting up, managing technology, cooking, and decorating.

    • Communicating - calling and scheduling meetings, writing press releases, hanging posters, and working with the internet.

  • Any REM team can ask for assistance from any Operational Division team.  The advantages are:

    • Operational Division team volunteers have chosen to join these teams because they possess skills and interest in that very specific work.  They're good at what they do.

    • Time is of the essence for volunteers.  Having the support of these volunteers who are separate from their project allows them to maintain a concentrated focus on the specific work of their community initiative.

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