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REM is a grassroots nonprofit organization that supports a network of citizen volunteers working to improve the quality of life in Mid-Maine. In REM, work is cooperative, diversity is honored, self-reliance is promoted, and civic life is renewed.

REM was born out of people's desire to connect and to create a future that reflects their desires, needs, and creativity. REM leaders work to search for new ways to provide opportunities for the diversity of the community to work together. This involves:


  • Building Consensus

  • Expanding Teamwork Skills

  • Valuing "Doers" and "Dreamers"

  • Learning How to Help Both Work Together Well

  • Providing innovative group process


REM has eight priorities, which were established at a three-day  Community Catalyst Forum in January 1996 in which over 250 area residents participated. These priorities are:

1. Develop a Vibrant Economy

2. Excel in Education

3. Protect Human Potential

4. Promote Arts & Entertainment

5. Beautify the Environment

6. Empower Young People

7. Build Community

8. Expand Fitness & Recreation


Participants in the Catalyst also composed a vision statement, describing the world that they aspire to create in Mid-Maine over the next quarter century. REM has worked every day since that event to move the  Mid-Maine Strategic Vision for the Year 2020 closer to reality.


More than 4,000 people have actively participated in REM events and projects since REM’s creation in 1995. Thousands more have connected in other ways.


In 1995 Community Initiatives were established under each of the 8 priorities and citizens worked to accomplish their initiatives. Some of these initiative stalled because REM did not have the support structures and procedures the teams needed. REM has devoted the last 15 years to developing that support. Now two Divisions of REM, the Custodial and the Operational, work to support all of the community initiative teams. This allows community initiative volunteers to optimize their time and focus on moving along their project.


Custodial Division


Operational Division


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