Custodial Division

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REM founders wanted to be very clear that REM as an organization would belong to the people of REM.  To emphasize that REM's power resides in its volunteer base, they named the division responsible for the management of REM the "Custodial Division."

The dictionary definition is:  keeper; guardian.  2. a person entrusted with guarding or maintaining a property.

REM is the property of its volunteers.  REM's power comes from its grassroots membership.  The Board and managers of REM's daily operations are always to be led by the dreams and vision established by the community participants.

When a dreamer comes to REM with an idea, if that dream does not break any of the principles of REM established by REM members, it is the Board's responsibility to work to support that person's idea.  The success of the initiative will depend upon the work of the volunteers working on that initiative...aided, of course, by the support teams of REM.

The result of this radical change from standard operating procedure has been just as REM founders several decades ago had hoped it would be.  The projects a logical Board might have chosen not to support because of the unlikeliness of its success were, in fact, those which did succeed.  Many of those which were expected to prosper, did not.

Teamwork lightThe determining factor is the power of the REM ember...the passion and willingness of those who work the project to give of their time and talent and the willingness of the community at large to become involved.


REM's trust in the power of our people makes

impossible things possible.



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