Team Builder’s Team


Welcomes, orients, trains and maintains strong REM teams


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REM is all about teams.  The power of REM is all about people joining hands to build a community where people thrive.  Strong teams are versatile and can adapt to new community needs and visions and transform them to realities.

REM's Team Builders Team is a team of REM volunteers who will provide leadership in orientation and team building to new teams, established teams and new REM members.

The Team builders team reviews REM’s current orientation and leadership training materials and revises them as necessary. They develop and deliver orientation and leadership training programs that follow REM guidelines that are current, easy to follow and satisfy the needs of the REM teams.

Vision: To have volunteers who are so knowledgeable of REM guidelines, structure, policy and procedure that they can easily move from one well functioning REM team to another,  and teams which function well within themselves as well as with other REM teams which exist to support them.

Mission: to have happy, well informed, knowledgeable, energized and productive volunteers and teams.

(At present REM is in need of re-establishing the Team Builders Team.  Those who join this teams in 2015 will begin their work by doing the following...or establishing new goals.  When these goals were set, this web site did not even exist.  Designers of this site have created the site to be a major welcoming and orientation tool for the Team Builders Team.)

Goal 1: To have a quality welcome and orientation program for all new REM members

  • Objective 1. Review and revise current orientation program.
  • Objective 2. Develop a new membership process. (Membership and Team builders teams working together.)
  • Objective 3. Train team leaders and point persons to deliver the welcome and orientation program so that new members are oriented within a reasonable time frame.
  • Objective 4. Develop a satisfaction survey for new members to measure the quality of the welcome and orientation program.
  • Objective 5. Refine the program as necessary based on the satisfaction results.

Goal 2:  To have quality oriented, satisfied and productive teams that follow REM guidelines and guiding principles.

  • Objective1. Review and revise current leadership training program.
  • Objective 2. Develop a leadership training process with policies and procedures.
  • Objective 3. Develop a schedule of leadership trainings based on the Co-director’s recommendation.
  • Objective 4. Develop a satisfaction survey for teams to measure the quality of the leadership training program
  • Objective 5. Refine the program as necessary based on the satisfaction results.

If you would be interested in exploring the possibility of joining this team please call REM at 873-4444.

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