Drums along the Kennebec

In 2009 REM wanted to draw attention to the Head O' Falls area on Waterville's riverfront.  At that time we were engaging the community in a plan to establish an amphitheater there.  At the same time there was a growing interest in drumming.  A team gathered to plan the event.

Gathering and Celebrating the Evolving Drumming Culture of Maine




Join the planning team! 

Join the performers! 

Help tell the story of the different cultures through the art of drumming augmented by visual arts and crafts.

Come and enjoy the beauty of

The Kennebec River


A Walk or Hike on a Nearby Trail. 

Drumming demonstrations, workshops, performances. 

Drums:  Scottish, Drum Sets, African,  Native American, Japanese Taiko, Frame, the Gong, Latin, and Steel Drums are examples of the different percussion instruments and cultures we hope to gather. 

We hope to present a Native American River Blessing Ceremony

 as well as a Community Drumming Circle 

     Bring your own percussion instrument:  drum, shaker, bells and join in or make one at the event. Bring extras to share.  No drumming experience  necessary...this is the place and time to give it a try. 

Crafts, Food and Beverages,on Sale all day

No alcohol, Non-smoking,

Family Friendly 


 2009 at Head of Falls

IMG_0264 IMG_0262

IMG_0255 2011 at Head O' Falls


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