Office Staff

Manage the REM Office at 31 Temple Street.

Office staff - Nancy Clark

Nancy Clark - Greeting every REM visitor with a lovely smile and friendly conversation.

REM staff is composed of community is all of REM.  Everyone is welcome to visit REM's office.  Visitors are usually checking out REM, seeking information about community or community events, arranging for a rental of spaces REM makes available for community use, or stopping by just to visit, share an idea or attend a REM meeting.  Office staff members greet all who enter REM's office and help them with whatever their needs are...directing them to someone who can if they can't.

Volunteers set their own hours according to the time they have available to give.

Office hours are generally 9:30 - 5:00 but special arrangements can be made as the need arises.  REM's Co-Directors are often in the office after office volunteers have gone home for the day.  Winter hours are usually longer than summer ones.  Most weeks REM is open Monday - Friday, but during evening events one is apt to be able to find the office open.

It is always best to call if you want to be sure that the office is open.

In addition to welcoming everyone and helping them with whatever it is they need, office staff members also:

  • Care for the office, kitchen and rental spaces...keeping them neat, orderly and clean
  • Set-up and clean-up for rentals for those who ask for that service or arrange for the Set-up and Clean-up Team volunteers to do so.  (Renters may save money by doing their own set-up and clean-up.)
  • Input data (i.e. volunteer hours and donations) using Excel, Word and Access
  • File
  • Make phone calls and take messages
  • Guard the Directors from "drop-in chats" when they need time to concentrate on a task.
  • Set up appointments for the "Dream Catcher"
  • Copy, fax and collate materials for meetings for the Directors
  • Place marketing materials for REM Partners on bulletin boards and in display spaces
  • Organize posters brought by REM Partners to be distributed by the Poster Team.

If you would be interested in being a REM office staff volunteer please call REM at 873-4444.

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