REX (REM Executive Committee)

REX - REM's Executive Committee, meets monthly to set the direction for that month's Board meeting and work with the Co-Executive Directors to discuss issues relevant to REM's present and future position and action.

REX Team Description

Top Priority Goal: Build REM’s capacity to help create a community where people thrive.

 REX’s role in REM

Acting as consultants and a sounding board, REX supports REM's Co-Directors in their focus on priorities as defined by the Board. REX acts as a sounding board and a “think tank.” REX helps the Co-Directors fine tune the drafted agenda they have prepared or work together to prepare the agenda for the next Board meeting. REX is the link helping information flow between the Board and the Directors.

REX's Vision:  To work to create a community where people thrive by building the strongest relationships possible between the Board of Custodians and the Co-Directors.

REX's Mission:  To enhance the work of the Board and all of REM by acting as an knowledgeable, supportive and creative thinking link between the Board and the Directors.

Objective: Build REX

1. REX is composed of Board Members including the President(s), Vice President and Treasurer of REM, the leaders of the Communication, Team Builders and Policy, Process and Procedures Teams.

2. Guests may be invited for brainstorming or informative discussion when appropriate.

3. Minutes are taken and posted on our site on the Board of Custodians "Member Page" and emailed to REX and REM Board Members preferably the same day as the meeting or at least within 5 business days.

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