REM’s Rental Spaces

Where are we now?

REM has for many years worked to establish The Center in downtown Waterville as a gathering place for community.  In 2015 REM became part of a community initiative called Waterville Creates!  (See the Community Center page for the history of the creation of this new arts organization.)

At that time, REM spaces located to the lower level of The Center in a space which was the home of Women’s Initiative…a REM Community Initiative.  They included the REM office, a huge storage area housing 21 years of gifts to REM from community, and the Kennebec Club, a REM Community Initiative.

In 2017, REM found a new home at 31 Temple St, still in downtown Waterville, ME (where Let’s Talk Language School was located).  We are working to develop a REM Community Center there and invite your input.

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