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Where are we now?

REM has for many years worked to establish The Center in downtown Waterville as a gathering place for community.  In 2015 REM became part of a community initiative called Waterville Creates!  (See the Community Center page for the history of the creation of this new arts organization.)

All REM spaces are now in the lower level of The Center in a space which was the home of Women’s Initiative…a REM Community Initiative.  They include the REM office, a huge storage area housing 21 years of gifts to REM from community, and the Kennebec Club, a REM Community Initiative.

REM is interested in finding a home for REM and an even better space for community gatherings.  We are in the process of surveying the community to determine whether or not there is a desire to build a regional community center in Waterville.  If you would like to join in the “Exploring the Creation of a Regional Community Center in Waterville Survey” we’d love to see your ideas.

In the meantime, in an effort to replace the spaces we made available for community for years we are compiling a directory of spaces available for rent for community meetings and events and will have them available on this page of our site by fall.


History of REM Spaces at The Center

REM offered these services in the past and this is what we will be trying to see available again in our community’s future.


The Center – Your home in Downtown Waterville

In 1996, the Waterville Regional Arts and Community Center Board Members raised $1.2 million to convert a former department store into a mixed-use building with retail space, professional offices, a theater, a dance studio, meeting rooms, and an indoor playground. This building, now known simply as The Center, is located at 93 Main Street in Waterville. REM pays $32,000 per year in rent to keep spaces in the Center open for public and private use. REM funds the rental spaces through a combination of many fund raisers, business endeavors (including Dreamer’s Creative Catering service to the renters), and generous donations from REM’s Sponsors. Rental fees are kept to a minimum to ensure that price is not a barrier to community participation.

Available Space

From a simple meeting to a fancy wedding, REM Forum can be your venue.

From a simple meeting to a fancy wedding, REM Forum can be your venue.

REM Forum

  • 40′ × 32′ (1280 ft2)
  • Capacity:
    • 86 people (when seated at tables)
    • 100 people (when seated in rows)
  • Suitable for large meetings, fashion shows, weddings, birthdays, and other festive occasions
  • Wireless Internet and other technologies help people communicate

The REM Office (capacity: 15) and kitchen can also be rented. This kitchen may be rented for $100.00 if you’d like to prepare you own meal. If you need the kitchen just to heat up some water and clean up after an event, the cost is $25.00.

Hourly Rental Fees

General Public

Nonprofits $50.00
Businesses $60.00
Individuals $50.00

REM Members

Partners $40.00
Sponsors $50.00
REMers $40.00
  •  $10/hr. discount for REM Partners, Sponsors and Consortium members for business functions
  • Free use of the REM Forum by REM Partners for their board meetings

Set-up and Clean-up

REM allows renters one half hour rent-free for set-up and another free half hour for clean-up. If we set up or clean up for you, the fee $10 per REM volunteer per hour.

Dreamers’ Creative Catering

Dreamer’s Creative Catering is a food service provided by REM volunteers. We specialize in weddings but can cater any event, large or small, from planning to service and reception. We can prepare anything from snacks to full course dinners. A menu of food and services is available upon request. All funds raised support community projects. Follow this link for more information on Dreamers’ Creative Catering.

Other Services

REM can also provide the following services for an additional fee:

  • Technical equipment rental
  • Guest accommodations
  • First Aid Ambulance Unit on Site
  • Special decorations and design
  • Meeting minutes taken and mailed using a database the renter provides
  • Registration on site
  • Pre-registration by phone or email
  • Publicity and promotion
  • Creating pamphlets
  • Mailing invitations or materials
  • Creating and hanging posters in Greater Waterville Area (Poster distribution is free for REM Partners!)
  • Group facilitation
  • Event set-up
  • Event clean-up
  • Wait or serving staff
  • Entertainment
  • Wedding Services


REM’s facilities are conveniently located in the heart of Waterville, with ample free parking nearby and close to shopping. Follow this link for map and directions. To get more information or to reserve a room, please call 873-4444 or write to

Join The Team!

REM is an all volunteer organization. Those who work to provide and care for REM spaces, making them available for community use, are all volunteers. If you would like to join the space rental team we would love to have you! If you’d like to talk about renting space or joining the team please click on the button below and someone will contact you.

Clicking this button means you’d like to explore the possibilities for joining this team.

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