REM’s Rental Spaces

Where are we now?

In 2017, REM found a new home at 31 Temple St, still in downtown Waterville, ME (where Let's Talk Language School was located).  We are working to develop a REM Community Center there.

REM at 31 Temple Street, Waterville

REM pays over $30,000 per year in rent to keep spaces open for public and private use. REM funds the rental spaces through a combination of many fund raisers and generous donations from REM's Sponsors. Rental fees are kept to a minimum to ensure that price is not a barrier to community participation.

Available Space

REM Forum

  • 34' × 18'
  • Capacity:
  • 56 people (when seated at tables)
  • 80 people (when seated in rows)
  • Suitable for large meetings, fashion shows, weddings, birthdays, and other festive occasions
  • Wireless Internet and other technologies help people communicate



REM Boardroom

  • 20' × 10'
  • Capacity: 12








REM Lounge

  • 12' × 10'
  • Capacity: 6







$35/hour  for one room

$50/hour for two rooms

$65/hour for all three above rooms


The kitchen can also be rented. This kitchen may be rented for $100.00/event if you’d like to prepare you own meal. If you need the kitchen just to heat up some water and clean up after an event, the cost is $25.00/event.









REM Partners and Sponsors

  •  $10/hr. discount for REM Partners, Sponsors
  • Free use by REM Partners for their board meetings

Set-up and Clean-up

If REM sets up or cleans up for you, the fee is $10 per REM volunteer per hour.


REM's facilities are conveniently located in the heart of Waterville, with ample free parking nearby and close to shopping. Follow this link for map and directions. To get more information or to reserve a room, please call 873-4444 or write to

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