Film and Media Arts Team


REM Promote Arts and Entertainment Forum...our first step.

There is really no Film and Media Arts Team...yet.  In 2015 the REM Promote Arts and Entertainment Team will first convene the second Promote Arts and Entertainment Forum.  The goal is to build the eight arts teams, (crafts, dance, film and media arts, fine arts, healing arts, literary arts, music, and theatre) help them articulate both the community needs and the dreams for their discipline, and then develop plans for meeting those needs and dreams.  The next phase will be to meld the energy of all eight into a collaborative event that brings the myriad of skills together creating an art tapestry which demonstrates the power of collaboration and creative synergy.

Hard to imagine!

It is hard to imagine what we could do to add to the majesty that is the Maine Film Center. The Maine Film Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to enrich, educate and entertain the community through film and art.  They are the premier showcase and resource for independent film in Maine. They work to strengthen Maine culture through education, dialogue and the celebration of film and art.  The Maine Film Center seeks to bring together our community’s unique film assets to further establish Waterville’s reputation as a vibrant, year-round center of film exhibition and education.

It is hard indeed to imagine that we could add anything to that energy...but it is not up to REM to make such a decision.  It is up to you, the community.  Perhaps as an all volunteer army there are things you could do to add to the power and help the Maine Film Center reach even more people.  REM's suggestion would be to make sure that Shannon Haines, Executive Director, Ken Eisen, Programming Director and Alan Sanborn, Theater Manager of Railroad Square Cinema are all invited to be part of your discussions.

MIFF 12-9_1340We borrowed this picture from their site to show you something we think is important.  Do you notice the age of most of the people in this picture?  Film and media arts are one of the most beloved pastimes of young people.  The community has identified keeping our young people here to be one of their top priorities.  That makes our development of the arts...and especially film and media arts, near the top of the work we need to be doing to create a community where people thrive.

If you would be interested in helping convene an arts forum, attending an arts forum or being part of the birthing of a Film and Media Arts Team’s visions, projects and events  you are invited to call REM at 873-4444.

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