Dance Arts Team

In 2015 REM's Promote Arts and Entertainment Planning Team will be convening artists and lovers of the arts in a community wide forum to both create teams of each of the eight arts disciplines and a collaborative joining of their energies.

The Dance Team will work to be sure that dance is well represented at this event.

Dance has been an important part of many of the REM events since 1995.  Is there a better way to build community than some good food and!  The dance team doesn't think so.

Many talented dancers have danced a salute to the REM Award honorees on the stage at the Waterville Opera House.

The Promote Arts and Entertainment Forum agenda will include time to identify dancers, their particular dance styles and their ideas as to what the needs are for area dancers and how we could promote dance in our community. The program will also include a brainstorming as to how all of the eight arts teams could work together to bring attention to the rich diversity of the arts in our community. We will be developing a collaborative event that brings the myriad of skills together creating an art tapestry which demonstrates the power of collaboration and creative synergy.
If you would be interested in helping convene an arts forum which includes a dance focus, attending the forum or being part of the birthing of projects involving dance you are invited to call REM at 873-4444.

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