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Our web site is first, a connection to each other...a unification of purpose behind a commonly held vision for our community.  Second, it's a link to the entire world...a study of best practices we can opt to choose for answers to human conditions we share worldwide.

While REMnet is primarily about REM, we share REMnet with our REM Partner organizations. (See REM Partners.)  It would be silly for us to describe REMnet here since you need only move about on our site.  We can, however, tell you a little about how it works and how we want it to continue to develop into the future.

worldPublic Pages:  Open to the World
At present, we are working primarily on our Public Pages.  These are the pages the public sees when they visit our site.  Most of them tell about a REM team and provide an opportunity for people to join.  Initially we have created these pages to provide an opportunity for people to join the teams.  When teams are established it is the team members who will be in charge of their creation and upkeep.
teamMember Pages:
Each Public Page will have a Member Page which can be accessed only when someone registers, clicks on the Interested button, is answered by a REM leader who contacts them, decides that they are a legitimate REMer (not a robot or someone who is trying to hack our system) and then signs them up as a member of that team.  They will then be able to view the Member Page by clicking on that page on their profile page or by clicking on Members Only on the Team page to which they are a member.
The member pages will be a combination of static informational pages and blogs.  Information will include things like Meeting Minutes, Financial Statements, task descriptions, planning, timelines, team members and contact info.  Blog information will be a list of blog titles which you can click on and add your input but which do not take up room on the Member Page itself.
profileProfile Page:
The profile page has a picture of that member, contact information so we can call or email them when they request team membership, and lists the groups (we would call them teams) to which the member belongs.  As we grow our site we hope to grow the potential and design of this page to enable members to store information there to help them participate in REM team activities.
Presently REM's Co-Directors are managing REMnet.  Dan Doucette of ITLink Maine has developed the site.  Gregor Smith has done the work on the REM Awards and REM Partner pages.  We are looking for our Webmeisters...people who will manage the site on a daily basis.  Since REM is an all volunteer organization this probably means we will need to share the load.
If you are interested in being part of the design or management of this site please indicate your interest by calling REM at 873-4444.

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