Thomas College

thomas_college_logo180 West River Road, Waterville ME 04901-5097
FAX: 207-859-1114

Thomas College was founded in 1894 as a nonsectarian, co-educational college dedicated to career training. In the spring of 1956, the College moved from its downtown location to a large, private estate in the city of Waterville. When the College outgrew this campus in 1966, it purchased more than 70 acres of land next to the historic Kennebec River and developed a small-college facility. By 1971, the entire college was relocated to the West River Road campus.

Thomas College's mission is to prepare students for success in their personal and professional lives, and for leadership and service in their communities. The private, career-oriented College is committed to preparing its undergraduates for careers in business, technology and education. The College is focused on providing an accessible and affordable quality education to any student who is motivated to work hard and succeed. The College offers its students Guaranteed Tuition and its graduates Guaranteed Job Placement within six months of graduation.

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