Literacy Volunteers of Kennebec

As of Sept, 2021, Literacy Volunteers—Waterville Area joined with Literacy Volunteers of Augusta to form Literacy Volunteers of Kennebec

 We offer tutor training and workshops to further educate our tutors under our parent organization, ProLiteracy.

As our world changes and the demands on individuals, families, and businesses increase, the definition of literacy continues to evolve. In the past, literacy was considered the ability to read and use printed materials on a basic level. Literacy today is much more broadly defined, encompassing not only reading and writing, but numeracy, problem solving, and high-level reasoning skills.

Adults who have low reading skills are at a great disadvantage in our society. Low literacy levels are closely connected to the social problems linked with poverty. According to the 2008 US Census and the latest National Assessment of Adult Literacy, 15% of adults in Kennebec county never finished high school or do not have a GED, and 42% of all Maine adults are at or below the basic levels of literacy, which means they cannot fill out a basic job employment form, read the instructions on prescription medications, or read a book to a child.

Literacy Volunteers provides free one-to-one tutoring services for area adults in need. Tutors and students meet weekly to address a wide variety of literacy needs, including help for those whose functional reading and writing abilities are at or below grade level, students with learning disabilities, and people who are learning English as a second language.

We are so thankful for and proud of our many volunteers who give so much to provide tutoring services to adults who want to improve their literacy skills. We also thank the communities in which we serve for their support and good will which has allowed us to improve our outreach each year.

"We teach adults to read."


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