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Educare is a high-quality learning and development center partnering with families and communities to ensure school readiness for children from birth to age five.

At Educare, we believe everyone deserves a fair chance to achieve their dreams, and it starts by leveling the playing field from the day we’re born.  As one of the nation’s most effective early childhood education schools, we make sure financially disadvantaged young children have the best possible chance for success in life.  Our approach extends beyond the classrooms to help children, families and communities thrive.

Our comprehensive program incorporates everything science says young children need to flourish.  We partner with families because learning doesn’t stop when children leave the classroom.  We support the continued learning of our passionate teachers and staff because we want to empower them to do their best work.  We use research to improve our schools because we’re committed to creating a lasting positive impact on every family we serve.

Educare works.  When compared to their same-age peers, Educare children are just as academically, socially and emotionally ready for kindergarten.  Educare parents are active in their children’s education, both in school and at home.  When these things happen, children grow up better prepared to follow their dreams, and our entire society thrives.

Our work is not complete until every child has an equal chance to succeed.  That’s why we advocate on behalf of children everywhere to improve access to quality early learning programs.  We share our expertise with educators, researchers and policymakers so they know how to strengthen their communities.  We build string public-private partnerships to create strong schools and longtime champions who will amplify our call for change.

We will not stop until all children are born with equal opportunity to achieve their dreams.  Our future depends on it. 

Educare Central Maine
56 Drummond Avenue
Waterville, ME 04901

Telephone: 207-680-7200
Toll Free: 1-800-542-8227 ext. 7200
Fax: 207-861-9508

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