Women’s Initiative

Women's Initiative is a REM Project providing an opportunity for women to come together and create a community which encourages and enriches our lives.Women's Initiative has established A Woman's Place, a safe environment where women from all walks of life feel welcome and nurtured. Our hope is that together we can develop our talents in a setting that fosters involvement in our close knit community. We will celebrate the amazing women we are and all that we can be.

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Women's Initiative also hosts The Crafting Circle on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30 to 2:30, where women can bring crafts they are working on and share crafting ideas with others. We hope to inspire and encourage women to explore their talents and skills and maybe even learn a new craft through watching others.

Tuesday is B.Y.O.P.(bring your own project) day. You can have fun learning to crochet, knit, or working on any given project you may be have. We are eager to see what others are doing and just have fun chatting while we work.

Thursday is for quilting. We are all beginners learning the basics through some teaching and some trial and error. We all have great imaginations and really enjoy learning together. We are very fortunate to have Ginny Landry, who taught us the log cabin pattern. We plan to have her come on occasion to teach us more as we progress. She is very pleasant and patient. Our group is working on matching table settings for the REM Craft Fair in late October. These include a runner, four place mats, and four napkins. There are plenty more of these to get made so come join us.

Any other weekday from 11:30 to 5:00, Martha is available to help a bit more one on one. She would love to show you how to make a bag out of a wool sweater that has been shrunk. She can teach crocheting and Knitting basics as well. All we need is a start, a little imagination, and before you know it, we will have a thing of beauty.

Don't forget we have books to read and also keep a puzzle table going. The coffee pot is on, and we have cold water, if you prefer, for your refreshment.

For more information, contact Martha Dempski by email at   marthad.wominit@yahoo.com or by phone at 692-0290.

Link to Women's Initiative website at www.womensinitiativeme.org

Women's Initiative celebrated its 1-year anniversary on March 22, 2012 - see the WABI news clip.

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