Waterville Area Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity - colorWaterville Area Habitat for Humanity
P.O. Box 1972, Waterville, Maine 04903-1972

Waterville Area Habitat for Humanity seeks to help qualifying families become homeowners by working with them to build decent, affordable houses. WAHFH homes are not given away......they are purchased by the homeowner family via a zero, or very-low interest, mortgage. Efficient building practices and extensive use of volunteer labor help to keep the house cost at low levels.

Families seeking a WAHFH house must have lived in our service area for at least one year and are expected to complete a multi-step application process. Families are chosen by a committee after careful consideration of the following criteria:

• Household income in the range of 50 - 70% of the median for our service area
• Housing need (for example, currently living in substandard housing)
• Ability to pay the monthly costs for a zero, or very-low interest mortgage, property taxes and
homeowner's insurance
• Willingness to work in partnership with WAHFH in the construction of the home.

Waterville Area Habitat for Humanity is committed to the success of its chosen partner families and the communities in which it serves. In addition to building houses, WAHFH also has a Weatherization program in which its goal is to reduce air leaks and energy use by 25% or more. The potential heating savings can be used by the homeowner for other budget items while enjoying a home that is more comfortable to live in.
For more information on WAHFH, its programs, and how you can volunteer or join a committee:

Visit us at www.watervilleareahfh.org or call our Executive Director, Holly Towle at (207)441-6748.
If you might be interested in helping Waterville Area Habitat for Humanity, click this button and request membership:

You will be contacted to discuss how you might like to participate.

Request membership with this interest group and you will be contacted to discuss how you might like to participate.

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