Kennebec Water District Online Upgrade

KWD Upgrades Technology; Simplifies Bill Payments and Creates Access to Water Usage Information


Kennebec Water District (KWD), the public water supplier for the greater Waterville region, has launched a new online customer portal allowing consumers to pay water bills, receive usage and billing notifications, track water consumption trends, and consolidate multiple accounts in one convenient location.  Customers can also sign-up to receive urgent notices from KWD in the event of a water reliability or water quality issue.

Water bills can be paid using autopay - ensuring bills are paid on time with no additional effort by the customer.  Payments can also be made as one-time payments.  Customers can compare past water usage and track comparative increases or decreases.  The tracking feature displays graphic illustrations of water consumption by the day, week, month or year.  Customers can adjust their settings to allow for notifications by text message, email, or voice message for unusual usage.

“Kennebec Water District is excited to offer our customers this new online system that provides easier access to account information and simplifies the process for making payments,” announces Kennebec Water District General Manager Roger Crouse.  “Our new portal makes it especially convenient for businesses to align multiple properties in one place and schedule one easy payment.  Autopay is also a time-saving option for everyone.”

ABOUT KENNEBEC WATER DISTRICT:  Kennebec Water District is America’s first consumer-owned water utility established in 1899.  It is located at 6 Cool Street, Waterville, ME 04901.  For more information, go to  or call 207.872.2763.

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