Opera House Auditions

Show: A Delightful Quarantine by Mark Dunn
Audition Video Submission Deadline: Saturday, February 27, 2021
This will be a virtual production to be streamed by audiences online. More safety information below.

All auditions should be filmed and submitted in the Audition Form (link below). Please film only ONE of the audition scenes and submit ONE video. If you would like to be considered for multiple roles, please indicate which ones on the form.

During the audition, if there is another character in the scene with yours, you can either have a friend or family member read the other role (off camera), OR you can skip over the scene partner’s lines and read all your lines as a monologue.

An extra-terrestrial "invasion" of the suburban, middle-class community of Susqua Creek Acres, Pennsylvania places its human residents and visitors under sudden house-bound quarantine. Secrets get revealed, conflicts erupt and recede, long festering wounds are dressed, and friendships and relationships terminated or reinstated.

Offering the rare opportunity for large ensemble casting, A Delightful Quarantine presents audiences with the interwoven stories of a mother reunited with the daughter she gave up for adoption thirty-two years earlier; a man with a secret that upends his marriage; a woman with fourteen cats, all invisible; a foiled house burglary that must wait three days for the police; a rekindled high school romance; two young couture-obsessed little girls "home alone" for the duration; and a brother who cannot honor his sick sister's greatest wish.

Location: Willspier, a midsize city in Central Pennsylvania, Present

AVAILABLE ROLES: 10 females, 5 males, 2 girls

For more information including COVID safety precautions, Audition Form access, character descriptions, and audition materials,

please click here.

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