Grassroots Beginnings

Actually, for REM, grassroots beginnings is our greatest strength and a forever proposition.  REM's founder, Faye Nicholson, has this to say about REM's grassroots.

"The beauty and strength of a redwood tree, delicate flower or a tomato plant is all about the roots.  REM was born right here in the Waterville, Maine regional community.  There are 64,000 people in our community.  Let your mind ponder upon the beauty and strength our community could enjoy by connecting thousands of people who share a common vision of a community where people thrive and an active, collaborative, welcoming energy expended toward actualizing that vision. 

No one person could manage such an endeavor.  However, with the miracle of the internet and the creation of this site, we have an invisible power which links us, mind to mind.  We can share our ideas, find the "sweet spot" where we all agree, and set forth from that spot.  There are many teams you could join, and over time, many projects into which you could invest your time and talents. 

What do we have to gain?  A community where people can thrive and the knowledge that we built it together.  What could be more satisfying than the sense that you have been part of the creation of a healthy community and that your children, grandchildren and even past that, can live in it and continue to grow it by adding their vision and energies?  Come help is grow this process.  We need you." 

To learn more about REM's work so far, check out the following:

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