REM Mission Statement

REM’s Mission

“REM is always in the process of becoming. The omnipresence of change demands that this always be so. Growth is change. We need constantly to be growing. REM is that place where people go to meet their challenges and fulfill their vision of what it takes to be a community where people thrive in a speedily changing world.”                                                  

    Faye  Nicholson, Co-Executive Director

“Our core mission does not change, although the words we use to describe our mission have changed over time as we reach a better understanding of who we are. We implement our mission in many different ways, reflecting community needs at any given time."

Jackie Dalton, Co-Executive Director

REM’s Mission Defined Over Time:

1995: REM is a non-profit volunteer organization with a mission to provide and sustain a structure and a process, the form and the forum, through which the people of this community can visualize, verbalize and actualize their common goals for the region.

1996: REM’s mission is to build community via consensual democracy.

2000: REM’s mission is to help the community grow a healthy commonly held vision which reflects our community’s needs, realities and possibilities and lead the community to be responsive to that vision.

2009: REM’s mission is to build community by creating a network of volunteers and providing them with an umbrella for community action.

2011: REM (Revitalizing the Energy in ME) is an all volunteer organization serving as an umbrella for community action providing nonprofit status to a network of volunteers connected by email working on very diverse projects aimed at fulfilling their vision of a community where people thrive.

2012:  REM's mission is to build community.

2014:  REM's mission is to build community by serving as an umbrella for community initiatives.


2015:  REM nurtures ideas, talents, and dreams to empower people to create a collaborative, thriving community.




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