Community Catalyst Team

Computer-assisted Open Community Planning Process.

In January of 1996 REM convened a Community Catalyst.  (See Community Catalyst.)  REM was born out of this process.  Our goal was to man the teams which were developed out of the process and support their progress.

It took 6 months to put together the Catalyst...and $12,000.00.  We were given a license to this process...and the software and training to be able to use it.  Our intent was to use part of it for smaller Focus Forums on local community help other communities establish REM's.  This is our latest intent.  We would like to replicate REM across Maine starting in 2016.  To do that we will either need to depend upon Dr. Michael Kelly, the man who developed the Community Catalyst Process, to do the Catalysts or learn how to use the process ourselves.

If you would be interested in helping move this process along please call REM at 873-4444.

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