REM Award Honorees (2004) — Heather Baker (INSIDE OUT Playground & Preschool)

The Volunteer of the Year this year for INSIDEOUT Playground is Heather Baker. I don’t know who has benefited more this year from Heather’s volunteering at INSIDE OUT Playground & Preschool — Heather, with all the skills she has developed that have prepared her to enter the workforce, or INSIDE OUT Playground & Preschool for her gift of over 350 hours of her. If something needed to be done, from providing activities for the children to servicing customers or keeping the facility safe and clean, Heather filled in the gaps, working consistently, diligently and responsibly.

Although all non-profits rely heavily on their volunteers, for INSIDE OUT Playground & Preschool volunteers are vital to our existence. Heather’s volunteer efforts made it possible for the other staff members to focus and do their work more effectively, a gift that has been invaluable to the effectiveness of this agency.

Thank you and best wishes in college and beyond, Heather!

Note: Citing “pressures of trying to stay open coupled with the state of our local economy,” the INSIDEOUT Playground closed in November 2009.

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