2020 Craft Fair – Art Emerson



English Field Pottery is in Addison, Maine. I have lived in Maine 48 years with a 30 year break.

My craft is Pottery - hand thrown pottery, mugs, plates, bowls, vases, berry bowls, cream & sugars, yarn bowls. I opened my studio in September of 2018. Pottery for sale is listed on my Web Site, englishfieldpottery.com. I use Paypal for payment unless other arrangements are made with the studio. Contact phone is 207-598-7655.

Prices are: Couch Bowls (About 3 HX6 W)              $25.00
                   Yarn Bowls Various sizes,                         $25.00
                   Noodle Bowls DX (About 3 H X 6W)     $30.00
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