Artify will expose the adult community to the emergence of different art mediums from the younger perspective of its youth.  Twenty students (age 15-18) will be selected from the exceptional art students in the schools within 10 miles of Waterville, Maine to receive 16 weeks of professional instruction on improving their techniques.  Artify will promote awareness among art enthusiasts to the budding talent in the area, awaken our community to the talents of 15-18 years old students, and encourage the development of the next generation of artists.

Feb 13, 2019 - Artify is finally taking flight. 15-18-year old art students in high schools within a 10-mile radius of Waterville received Letters of Introduction on Artify along with application forms to join Artify. Art teachers also received personal letters explaining Artify and asked that each student get a copy of Letters of Introduction and application forms. Schools in Vassalboro and China will be delivered soon.
Application forms, 3 pieces of artwork and a cover letter are due back by February 25, 2019 to be reviewed by instructor Frank Morton. Frank will make the selection of the 20 students who will enter this program. Classes begin on March 7th. They will be held in the REM FORUM room. Classes run from 4pm-7pm. Only 20 students will be chosen to participate in this inaugural launching of Artify.

Co-Founder Aline Poulin has written for 2 grants and solicited help from Rotary and the Waterville Elks for assistance in offsetting the cost of the classes which is $35.00/student each week. All donations and or grants received will be applied to the costs of the classes until we can offer them at $20.00 a class.

It is hoped that this new REM Initiative will save at least 20 young people from the attractions of opioids which are running rampant in our society. Giving our 15-18-year olds something to look forward to, someway to transfer their feelings and emotions, using the mediums of pencils, paint, pastels, etc., onto paper and canvass can be energizing.

If there are any REMers out there interested in adopting an art student from March - June, 2019 feel free to contact Remember that our youth are our future.

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