Be the Light


If you would like to join with others to develop and support the projects described below, please let us know:

REM Lifelong Learning Center

     Come join the community working to birth a REM Lifelong Learning Center in our greater Waterville community.  Similar to a senior college, but our focus will be on issues our senior citizens are facing due to the pandemic.  An important part already identified is the need for human contact and sharing of ideas for mental health and physical health.  REM has been using Zoom to keep our conversations and our organization alive and REM Lifelong Learning Center will utilize the skills and technology we have developed.  We will be helping seniors incorporate those skills into their lives and their relationships with family and friends.


REM Community Chat

     You are invited to join REM’s Community Chat.  We are just getting this REM Community Initiative started so you will be helping us design it to  develop a commonly held  vision of what it should be like.  Suggestions  already on the table include having people call in or email ideas of what they’d like to learn or talk about and then REM would work to find someone to lead the Zoom discussion and develop resources.  Some envision having a large gathering to start off the meeting and then breaking into smaller groups (automatically done by Zoom) for a friendly chat.  Also mentioned are exercise classes and crafting experiences.


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