Chat with Cheshta Prasad

7:00 PM Thursday, April 1, 2021

My Civic Engagement project focuses on spreading music into the Waterville Community. I have felt through my time at Colby, music performance of students and faculty has been limited to campus. My aim is to bring music to others and find spaces where the Colby Community and Waterville can share and listen to music together. I have been primarily focused on having performances at local health care facilities, as I have done that in high school and I am passionate about understanding the link between music and medicine. As I have progressed this project, I hope music is spread to more homes through REM and also in spaces such as the Arts Collaborative Center on Main Street where everyone can enjoy the arts together.


  1. Description of my Project
  2. Share YouTube link of music by Colby musicians :
  3. Learning about REM’s initiatives
  4. Discussing how to bring music to people’s homes

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