Chat with Eileen Chung

7:00 PM Thursday, April 22, 2021

This REM Community Chat will feature Colby student Eileen Chung with a presentation about the Colby Art Museum Collection: Splash and Clash, Ai WeiWei Colored Vases with hands-on activity

Ai Weiwei, Colored Vases, 2006-2008. Neolithic Vases (5000-3000 BC) and industrial paint. Dimensions variable. Waterville, Maine: The Lunder Collection, Colby College Museum of Art. Accession Number: 2017.004.

Splash and Clash 

In Colored Vases, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei obscures the decoration on the series of Neolithic vases with splashes of bright-colored industrial paint. We’ll be watching a Museum Moment by the Colby College Museum of Art that introduces Ai’s vases and have a follow-up discussion along with a simple hands-on activity!

Suggestive materials for the hands-on activity: paper and pencil/color pencils/crayons/colored markers etc.

Click for recording of this Chat.


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