Chat with Grace Dodig

3:30 PM Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Topic: Lakewood Pen Pals Project: Weekly letter writing to Lakewood Residents, Elementary School Students, and My Grandmother.


  • Overview of my Lakewood Pen Pal project and CCAK, talk about adjusting to Covid and seeing the strain on family members who were older and younger
  • Facebook ad about community letter writing to a nursing home in my hometown and wanting to bring the initiative to Colby/Lakewood
  • Sharing my letter writing to my grandmother
  • Sharing reactions I have seen and gotten from all three groups
  • Discuss why I think letter writing is so importantandtheimportanceofsocialinteraction
  • Ask people on the call to share experiences with writing and receiving letters
  • Invite people into pen pal project

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